Clean the Car before Polishing

Car polish is an abrasive action to remove very fine layers of the top coat protection to flatten out the surface and greatly enhance surface gloss.

These quick tips and techniques will help to ensure that you’re polishing your car correctly, and they’ll go a long way towards improving your car’s finish.

Before polishing your car, wash it thoroughly. You can either run it through an automatic car wash or wash it by hand. It’s important that your car is as clean as possible before you begin with polishing as dirt on the surface will scratch the paint, especially, if you use a mechanical buffer.

Besides that, it might be necessary to detail your car’s finish as well. This involves using a bar of detailing clay to remove any difficult-to-remove substances from the car’s surface that ordinary washing will leave behind, such as tree sap or tar.

Normal Polishing

Vehicles with regular waxing within a year will usually produce too much solar lines and washing lines. These swallow lines can be removed by normal car polish,yet increase the gloss level.

Professional Polishing

Vehicle that has been used for more than 1 year will accumulated dense of scratches, water spot and others.However, as long as it doesn’t affect the paint layer, it can still be restore like a new car.

Differences Between Normal Polish and Professional Polish

Normal Polish

Leave minor swirls mark and hologram

Professional Polish

Crystal clear mirror effect / Swirl free