Driving with Elegance

Velvet Sheen is a one-stop auto detailing company that you can trust. The company’s logo is made out of three key personalities, namely, boldness, strength and fearlessness. At first glance, Velvet Sheen’s logo features a bold and elegant looking unicorn. Unicorn is a creature that symbolizes purity and boldness, and is fearless and audacious in everything it does. Inspired by the true values of a unicorn, Velvet Sheen is passionate about its field and promises to deliver only the best services to their customers, as well as to fashion cars that look extravagantly noble and grand.

In the middle of the logo is a shield that bears the name of Velvet Sheen and its profession as a car detailing company. The shield symbolizes quality and protection, and it specifically means high-quality coating services and interior cleaning for automobiles. At Velvet Sheen, your car’s outlook and interior’s cleanliness are priority. With strong quality control and professionalism practiced, Velvet Sheen assures perfection and satisfaction.

When it comes to the colors, Velvet Sheen’s logo uses the color gold. Gold represents success, achievement and triumph. It is associated with abundance, prosperity and sophisticated elegance. It is a very uplifting and positive color, which makes it a good choice for Velvet Sheen’s brand logo color. It is very optimistic and is well-associated as the winner’s color. Thus, the color gold may bring an abundant of prosperity and success to Velvet Sheen’s business.

On the other hand, the logo’s background color is black, which represents authoritative and powerful. The contrast color black gives power for the gold to take shine, allowing Velvet Sheen to stand out among its competitors.

The tagline of the company, “Driving with Elegance” is a true passion that every car lover will have for their cars. Velvet Sheen is designed to excite and offer high-quality services that impress and satisfy the hearts of every car lover. Whether to look extravagantly noble and grand or sporty and performance-inspired, Velvet Sheen promises that you will be driving with elegance.