In keeping our promise to provide the best car detailing services to our clients, we are proud to present the introduction of Velvet Sheen Paint Coating.

VS paint coating is so called a “second clear coat” of a vehicle to provide the hardness for minor scratches, long lasting shinnier and glossier then ever before. Unlike car waxes, these coating have thinner viscosity and designed to last 2-5x longer than other type of paint protection product in the market.

With the best products, experience, patience, and skill we have, we can bring back the ultimate shine and gloss of your car.

Steps for Coating

Surface layer of factory clear coat is damaged and contaminated

Senior detailers decontaminates and polishes clear coat to produce a smooth and even surface

Thickness to coating is restored with superior Velvet Sheen Clear Coat

Velvet Sheen Coating

  • Anti minor scratches
  • Chemical resistant
  • Provide hardness
  • Hydrophobic effect
  • Restore paint color
  • Ultimate gloss and shine
  • Effect lasting for years
  • Non Scratch Resistant
  • Non Chemical Resistant
  • 0 Hardness
  • Minor Hydrophobic
  • Effect lasts for week
  • Medium Gloss
  • High entry level
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost per visit
  • Low entry level
  • High maintenance
  • High cost per visit
Save time Time consuming